What Sets Us Apart

The Ascend Difference

smiles that summit

Our #1 goal is to provide our patients with the self-confidence and motivation to succeed at whatever they set their mind to. We have the honor and privilege to see people through a transformation as we improve their smile, but we are much more interested in the way they excel out of our office. We love to celebrate their successes with them and, at the end of the day, give them a smile they are proud to flash as they accomplish each of their goals.

married duo

Dr. Anthony & Dr. Carly are a husband and wife team that truly make orthodontics a family business. As much as our doctors would like to say they don’t “take work home”, the truth is they can often be found discussing their patients’ diagnoses and treatments over the dinner table. Our patients enjoy the benefit of consistently having two Orthodontists overseeing their care. Come visit us and see what joining our “Ascend Family” is all about!

Seamless Communication

We strive to communicate fully and transparently with our patients, their parents, and their other healthcare providers during the time they are under our care. With advantages such as Complimentary Diagnostic Exams, Consistent Treatment Updates, and Online Scheduling, our team’s focus is to create an enjoyable and seamless process from the moment you walk in our door. Our goal is to provide you with a complete understanding of the diagnosis/problems and to have the patients and their parents involved in the development and implementation of their treatment plans.